Tasmanian Gins & Whiskies

Sloe Gin from Bill McHenry 200ml

$47.00 each


You might have seen us making sloe gin on a series of Gourmet Farmer. Sloes are an ancient variety of plum. They were planted by the early settlers as hedgerows around Evandale, near Launceston. The fruits are tiny, dark blue things that are mostly stone and a lesson in astringency. To make sloe gin, each sloe needs to be pricked a few times – painstaking work – and then allowed to steep in gin and sugar for up to a year before being racked. This version is made on the Tasman Peninsula by Bill McHenry, who also distils the gin from scratch.


Forty Spotted Gin 700ml

$75.00 each


The Emperor has new clothes. This is a classic Tasmanian gin, made by Lark distillery, and it's new packaging is causing quite a stir. The Lark team of mad distillers matched traditional gin botanicals with Tasmanian pepperberry to create a refined and elegant gin that is unlike any other. The pepperberry imbues Forty Spotted with a unique spiciness, giving an exceptionally rich and Tasmanian flavour. The unusual characteristics of the aromatics appear in the gin without dominating the spirit, giving it a delightful zing! This is the sort of gin you could sip over ice with a slice of lemon, or mix with a quality tonic water. Named after Tasmania's rarest bird, the 40 Spotted Pardalote which can be sighted on Bruny Island. This bottle will make a stunning gift.


Shene Estate Distillery - Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin 700ml

$110.00 each


Distilled in small batches at the convict - Forged Shene Estate. Poltergeist is crafted from the finest ingredients with 12 botanicals sourced from Tasmania and around the word. This unfiltered incarnation maintains its bold, full flavour and may "gost" over ice. Best served with fine company, gossip and in the dead of night.

Poltergeist Gin- Unfiltered has been awarded a Double Gold medal at the 2017, 2018 and 2019. As well as Platinum in 2019 at the San Francisco International Spirits Competitions.

Trust me this is delicious...


Taylor & Smith Gin 500ml

$90.00 each


We are lucky in Tassie to have so many gin distilleries. This unmissable bottle from Taylor & Smith Distilling Co. caught my eye at Hobart's Sunday morning Farm Gate Market recently, and let me tell you, what is inside is as beautiful as the packaging! Made with love and care by Natalie Smith and Ben Taylor, this small batch gin picked up a bronze at the recent Australian Gin Awards in Sydney. Taylor & Smith is the only Tasmanian distillery using apple spirit as a base for its gin, and utilises a distinctive range of Tasmanian botanicals including pepperberry, kunzea, seaweed, and leatherwood honey. This gin needs nothing more complicated than to be served with ice and a dash of soda. When your bottle is empty (it won't take long!) you can return it to the distillery for reuse and receive a discount off your next purchase.


Mackey R4 Tawny Cask / French Oak 700ml

$280.00 each


From the same house that makes the incredible good Poltergeist Gin.

This is the 4th release with less than 850 bottles produced. Dark fruits and Old Gold Chocolate on the nose with sweet and oily spices and coffee notes on the palate. In the words of the distiller himself, this is like a Christmas Pud in a glass!

This is dram for the true enthusiast and collector of rare Tasmanian whiskies.


McHenry’s Dry Gin by Bill McHenry 700ml

$85.00 each


It scares me how much I like gin. With tonic is obligatory but when the gin is this good, I also like to sip it straight. Bill McHenry is typical of so many great producers in Tasmania in how he seamlessly metamorphosed from an executive into an artisan. His distillery, the southern most in Australia, is where he makes this gin as well as vodka and a pretty decent whiskey. But, for my money, the gin is his best. It’s not at all rough or spirit like the bad stuff, instead it is packed-full of flavour from all the botanicals he uses. Citrus peel is present and balanced with a small amount of star anise, coriander seeds, cardamon and orris root all beautifully balanced with the juniper. This is a lesson in how good gin can be.


McHenry's Federation Gin 700ml

$100.00 each


The latest gin from our favourite gin maker in Tasmania (Bill McHenry) this gin is inspired by the bounty of our antipodean flora. This unique gin combines botanicals from every Australian state and territory - Kakadu Plum (NT - Santalum Acuminatum), Lemon Myrtle (QLD - Backhousia Citriodora), Strawberry Gum (NSW - Eucalyptus Olida), Mountain Pepperleaf (ACT - Tasmania Lanceolata), Cinnamon Myrtle (VIC - Backhousia Myrtifolia), Celery Top Pine (TAS - Phyllocladus Aspleniifolius), Wattle Seed (SA - Acacia Spp), Quandong (WA - Santalum Acuminatum)


McHenry's Sloe Gin 700ml

$110.00 each


Hard core Gourmet Farmer viewers may remember we made sloe gin a few years ago. We like to think it started something in Tasmania, as since then, there are a few commercial distillers that have run with the idea. The best of the pack is undoubtedly William McHenry on the Tasman Peninsular. He collects sloes from the hedgerows that line the backroads around Evandale - an awful job, given how prickly the bushes are - and steeps them in gin with a little sugar for about six months. This is the first release of the 2014 batch. It is dark, deep red in colour and has a plummy, earthy nose. Great as an after dinner tipple, it is also a terrific twist on the classic gin and tonic.


Moonshine by Taylor & Smith 500ml

$100.00 each


This Moonshine is essentially a barley vodka that is so called because they make it at night in their back shed. It is much more premium than its name suggests.

Taylor & Smith use only Tasmanian malted barley that then mill slowly; mash with Mt Field snowmelt; ferment with an unusual yeast - the yeast used give a much greater flavour profile to the spirit. Then double distill in our small copper pot still - which is direct fired. The resulting spirit carries through a sweetness like molasses that hints at green apple with subtle reminding wisp of floral and citrus. Dean Jackson whisky reviewer revealed that the T&S Moonshine carried lasting flavours of "rich stewed apple, cherry, honey, toffee and a good strong backbone of malty biscuity tones".

Complex, easy drinking, evolving and harmonious"..... this is seriously good spirit that deserves attention.


Derwent Distilling Co. - 4th Release (Apera) 500ml

$198.00 each


The fourth release from the new, but seriously excellent, Derwent Distilling Co.

Presented as a single cask expression matured in a 20L Sherry cask unlike any other. Their first vatting, a marriage of four stand-out Apera casks combined to make one Super Cask. Rich warm pantry spices, sticky fruit cake and everything you’d expect from your favourite sherry cask single malt whisky.

The spirit is quintessentially Robbie’s, having done his own wash runs, spirit runs and cuts at the Redlands distillery to determine the type of spirit he wanted.

Only 142 bottles filled.


Old Kempton Distillery Small Cask Matured - Sherry # 2 200ml

$95.00 each


One of the newer distillers In Tasmania and quickly being recognised as one of the best. They are located in a very historic old home in Kempton i the southern midland and produce whiskies that tend towards the sweeter end of the spectrum.

This limited release has been aged in small 20 litres ex-sherry s=casks and was bottles in October 2019.

This is a smaller bottle, which makes it the perfect stocking filler for any whisky lover.


Tasmanian Independent Bottlers - The Vatted Malt [4] 500ml

$190.00 each


Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Pty Ltd was established in 2015 as Independent Bottlers of Australian and New Zealand spirits and have based their production model on Heartwood Malt Whisky, however, the aim is to produce whiskies that may have a greater range of appeal, subtle 48% as opposed to the dinosaur high mid-sixties. Whiskies produced, are matured in the Australian quarter casks (100l), the spirit being sourced from several Australian and one New Zealand distillery.The new make is purchased and selected based on its texture and flavour profile. It is then matched to a specific barrel type.

This whisky is a vatting of three different sherry casks (TIB L 30, TIB RD 0032, TIB AD0040) and was bottled in June this year.

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