From our Farm

    Our Double Smoked Nitrate free Bacon 250g

    $15.00 each


    We're HUGE bacon fans ... and we think this is the bees knees! Double smoked and nitrate free bacon from our very own old breed pigs (Wessex Saddlebacks, Tamworths and Berkshires) - these typically take longer to mature so get extra flavour! We have let these pigs free range on our farm in Glen Huon and as well as eating what they naturally find we've been giving them milk and whey from the cheesery and grain from the brewery. Delicious!
    Please note - this bacon has been frozen.


    Beef in a Box (including freight) 5.5kg

    $250.00 each


    Our Beef Boxes each contain around 5.5kg of our beef. Each box will in include a combination of some Prime cuts, Roasting Joints, some Slow-cook Cuts, hand-made Sausages and Burgers and some less common cuts. We'll give you plenty of information on these cuts, send you some recipe ideas and let you know details about the breed of animal and how to cook each cut.

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