Hamper - Our Beer and Cheese Hamper

$85.00 each

This hamper is perfect if you want a little taste of us and makes an ideal gift for anyone that has never tried our products before.

It features George, our ever popular hard cheese, with our famous zucchini pickle and fruit paste to accompany it, along with O.D.O., our fresh curd cheese that is just perfect on its own or crumbled over pizza or barbequed vegetables. To go with the cheeses and condiments you will also receive a bottle of Farm Ale, our unique Tasmanian pale ale, and Oxymoron, our enigmatic dark pale ale.

George who is a classic hard cheese that pretty much gets along with everything.

O.D.O we love it in our house crumbled over roasted veg or on top of pizza (on the island we serve it on pizza)

Zucchini Pickle (don't worry you will have enough for a few days)

Fruit Paste changes with the seasons but at the moment is looking like quince and apple..yummo

Farm Ale our smooth, sessionable pale ale featuring Tasmanian and Bruny Island ingredients.

Oxymoron one of our most popular beers, delicately balancing robust malt and Tasmanian aromatic hop flavours.

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