Hamper - Best Ever Breakfast Hamper

$100.00 each
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I am not sure about you but quite often Christmas or Boxing Day morning has been about something fired (it may have something to do with enjoying the festive season a little too much the night before). We reckon this is a pretty good hamper jam packed full of some of the best breakfast ingredients you could ask for.

Our Double Smoked Bacon (from pigs off our Glen Huon Farm)

Otto (Cheese wrapped in Pork all you need to do it cook it!)

Zucchini Pickle

Whey Stout Chutney ( made with our beer of course)

Boozy Great Bay Marmalade (For something sweet)

All washed down with two of my favourite beers.

Cloudy Bay IPA the recipe includes Bruny Island raw wheat - definitely a breakfast drink!

Whey Stout ideal for washing down a smoked bacon and whey stout chutney sandwich!

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