Hamper - Our Cheese Hamper

$80.00 each

This hamper is a bit of a classic one from us with the likes of our hard cheese George, O.D.O. a beautiful fresh cheese that we marinate in olive oil and fresh seasonal herbs. The house made condiments are a sure winner with most of us that work at the cheesery with our famous zucchini pickle and a very close second is the beetroot relish that is a perfect match to George or you can try the fruit paste with George.

George Is a classic hard cheese that pretty much gets along with everything and everyone.

O.D.O. We love this in our house crumbled over roasted veg or on top of pizza (on the island we serve it on pizza)

Zucchini Pickle We can hardly keep up with making this pickle at Cellar Door because it's just so great with everything we make.

Beetroot Relish Cheese and beetroot are a perfect marriage of flavours and the hit of spice in this relish is spot on.

Fruit Paste This paste changes with the seasons but at the moment is looking like quince and apple..yummo

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