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Your very own wheel of Cheese, our Raw Milk C2 or George, made and matured especially for you! Really... what could be better than that?

During the month of June we custom-make wheels of Raw Milk C2 and George for you to adopt.

This is about bringing you on a journey of how your cheese is made and matured. Once adopted, each cheese will have your name carved into the side of it as well as its date of birth. We will even send you a beautiful birth certificate and portrait photo of your newborn to stick on your fridge and admire daily! We're so excited to be able to offer you wheels of Raw Milk C2 or George, made exclusively from our own milk! We couldn't be happier with these cheeses in particular, making a cheese from our own dairy, milking our own rare breed cows and having control over all contributing factors that influence the flavour of this cheese is a dream come true, the results I hope you'll see speak for themselves.


During the month of June we will make cheese especially for these wheels of Raw Milk C2 and George.  We will make your wheel, carve your name (or name of your choice) onto the side of the wheel and send you a birth certificate and a picture of your new baby cheese before we get on with the task of maturing this for 6 months until it's ready and sending to you just in time for Christmas.

We will do the hard work of carefully maturing your cheese, giving it a regular turn and rub, until it reaches perfection in mid December, when we will deliver it to you, perfectly timed for Christmas. You can also expect the occasional photo of your adopted cheese with a report on how it is maturing.

A great big, beautiful wheel of cheese is the perfect addition to any family or office! Can you think of a more magnificent gift? 

Your wheel of cheese will be around 4kg and will last several weeks after you have cracked it (don't worry, we will tell you how to look after it).

If you think getting through a whole wheel on your own is a bit ambitious, get together with some of your friends, family or colleagues to do a 'shared adoption'. A great big, beautiful wheel of Raw Milk C2 or George is the perfect addition to any home or office! A wheel of cheese would also make the ultimate Christmas gift for the hard-core cheese lover.

Payment details:

The final cost of your cheese will be determined by its final weight. We will weigh it just before we send it because your cheese will lose about 15% of its body weight during maturation. You can expect it to come in between $400 to $500 including freight.

To secure your adoption, all you need to do at this stage is pay a deposit of $250. We will sort out the balance just before we send it to you in December.

Your name: We'll carve your name into your C2 (shorter names are best!!). If you have any special requests, put it into the notes section during checkout... it looks like this: