Beef in a Box



Our ethical approach to dairy farming

When we started our dairy farm at Glen Huon, we made a choice, right from the outset, that we would raise our calves. That is something that sets us apart from much of the commercial dairy industry in Australia (where each year almost half a million 'bobby' calves are slaughtered). That choice also helped inform what breeds of cows we farmed - the breeds that we selected are all dual-purpose breeds, that means they not only produce great milk for cheesemaking, they also produce excellent quality beef calves.

As meat eaters, we have a choice about what kind of farms we support. It was always our intention for our calves to raised for beef, and now, almost two years after our first calves were born, I am very excited to be able to offer our fantastic quality beef to you!

Our Beef in a Box!

Our cows are farmed organically and 100% grass fed on our Huon Valley farm. As Cheese Club members you will know that animal welfare is our number one priority, so you can rest assured that our beef is some of the most ethically raised meat in the country. Add to this the fact that they are also rare breeds, highly sought after for their flavour, means this beef also tastes AMAZING!

What's in the box?

Our Beef Boxes each contain about 5.5kg of our beef. Each box will include a mix of Prime cuts, Roasting Joints, Sausages and Burgers, Slow-cook Cuts and less common cuts. We will include a few recipes for you and give you plenty of information as to what breed your beef comes from and how to cook each cut.

How will my box be packed?

Your box will be packed with our special ice packs, so that it arrives chilled and in perfect condition. Your meat will broken down into individual cuts and vacuum packed for freshness. Your beef will not be frozen.




Noon, Monday 3rd June, 2019


6th June, 2019