2020 Tassie Treats

 Tasmanian Christmas Cheese Wine Beer

41 Degrees Whole Baby Smoked Salmon 450g

$24.00 each


We reckon this is one of the great, lesser known products of Tasmania. These beautiful baby salmon are farmed inland, just west of Deloraine, in the north west of Tasmania. Because their fish are grown completely onshore rather than being penned off the coast, 41º South avoids the environmental impacts that some other salmon farms are notorious for. The reticulated freshwater ponds that the fish are raised in feed an artificial wetland, home to a thriving ecosystem of native fauna and flora, that filters the water naturally before it continues downstream. The fish are paler than ocean-raised adult fish and the flesh is finer and moister. They are brine cured using sugar, salt and a blend of herbs and spiced before being hot smoked on the property using a traditional recipe of herbs and spices adapted from the farmers' Germanic ancestors. It's smoky, flaky flesh is wonderful through pasta with capers, lemon, olive oil and chilli, or as a side to softly scrambled eggs.

ACG ...

Bruny Island Olives 280g

$16.00 each


I have been banging on about how good these olives are for ages... and finally they are started to be recognised for how excellent they are. These are grown just over the fence behind us on Bruny Island and are some of the best olives produced anywhere in Australia. Owen and Dianne Carrington Smith painstakingly pick them by hand, brine the fruit from each tree separately and are steadfast in their dedication to preserving olives by natural, slow fermentation. The result speaks for itself.

The variety that we are sending you this Christmas are called Paragon which are a green/black olive - this batch has just won a silver medal at the International Australian Olives Awards where the judges comment was “Delicious and morish. Ate the whole bowl!”


Christmas Honey & Harissa Woodfire Roasted Nuts 250g

$15.00 per bag


Local nuts, rubbed with Bruny Island honey and tossed with spicy harissa before being roasted in our Wood-fired Oven on Bruny Island by our bakery team. These are an all-round staff favourite at the moment - a great accompaniment our beers if you ask me!

Perfect to have on hand for when friends or family drop in for Christmas drinks.


Coal River Farm Chocolate Selection (Box of 16)

$38.00 each


Beautiful handmade chocolates made by our friends at Coal River Farm, in southern Tasmania. These exquisite handmade chocolates showcase the flavours of their farm where they grow all their own herbs, berries and stonefruit.

Box of 16 chocolate truffles.

Contains: milk, wheat, soy, tree nuts, sesame, peanuts.


Coal River Farm Chocolate Selection (Box of 8)

$22.00 each


Beautiful handmade chocolates made by our friends at Coal River Farm, in southern Tasmania. These exquisite handmade chocolates showcase the flavours of their farm where they grow all their own herbs, berries and stone fruit.

Box of 8 chocolate truffles.

Contains: milk, wheat, soy, tree nuts, sesame, peanuts.


Coal River Farm Tasmanian Whisky Logs

$22.00 each


Beautiful handmade chocolates lopgs, made by our friends at Coal River Farm, in southern Tasmania in conjunction with Helleyer's Road Distillery. These exquisite handmade chocolates showcase one of the best chocolate makers and one of the best whisky makers in Tasmania.

Box of 4 chocolate logs, beautifully presented.


Bruny Island Beer Co.

Dark Beer Lovers (8 pack) INCLUDING FREIGHT 8 * 500ml

$85.00 each


Our mixed dark case special is a celebration of big, roasty and delicious dark beers. You (or the lucky recipient) will be getting mix of Oxymoron, Whey Stout and Bruny Black.

Australia-wide shipping is included in the price.


Flinders Island Organic Olive Oil 250ml

$20.00 each


This olive oil comes from an organic grove on Flinders Island. This has got to be one of the hardest places in the country to grow olives as it is right in the path of the Roaring 40's. The grove is tucked behind the sand dunes of Killiecrankie Bay on the north of the island. The result is an oil that is complex, rich and fruity with a hint of pepper. The oil is a blend of frantoio, picual, picholine and barnea - the actual makeup changes year to year.

This oil was just named Best Boutique Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Show at the Australian International Olive Awards. We are very lucky to be able to bring you some of this wonderful oil.


Grumpy Bee Tallow Wood Honey 500g

$13.00 each


Ross Gordon is the Apiarist at Grumpy Bee - a small family owned beekeeping business specialising in the production of cold extracted, raw, unheated Tasmanian honeys, particularly Manuka and Leatherwood. Based in the Huon Valley, they have apiary sites spread through the Huon, Picton, Florentine and Styx regions of southern Tasmania.

Grumpy Bee Tallow Wood honey comes from an understorey tree common in areas of previous forestry activity. It is inclined to flower alternately so is plentiful every second year. Flowering often overlaps with native banksia making an already unusual honey even more flavoursome. Intense caramel and treacle flavours with a nose reminiscent of farmyard make it unique.


Huon Aquaculture Whisky Cured Cold Smoked Salmon 250g

$31.00 each


I am really happy to be able to showcase what I think is one of the best smoked salmons made in Tasmania. It comes from Huon Aquaculture, a local producer who shares a similar philosophy to Bruny Island Cheese Co – “don’t try to be the biggest, just try and be the best”. It was started in 1988 by Frances and Peter Bender who were looking for a way to diversify from their cattle and sheep farm at Hideaway Bay at the mouth of the Huon River, on the other side of the Channel to Bruny Island. Well, be careful what you wish for because since then they have become leaders in their industry and are considered to be not only the best but also the most innovative and sustainable salmon producers in the world. Huon Aquaculture are strong environmental managers, elevating them above the rest of their industry. Their flagship product is this, the Whiskey Cured Cold Smoked Salmon, which is cured with Lark’s whisky – it is REALLY good and I really hope you can find a reason to try it this Christmas.


I Love you more than cheese gift card

$6.00 each


We're offering you another great card again printed by the very talented Jenny who works in our Hobart cellar door. They're such a hit there and thought they'd make the perfect Fathers Day card … we can even write your message in for you if this order is a gift!


Kolokol Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

$14.00 each


My Swiss fiends, Hans and Esther, who started Tongola where they used to make the BEST goat's cheese in Tasmania, have now turned their energies to making this lovely cider vinegar in the Huon Valley. I could go on about the health benefits of cider vinegar, but I won't bore you (except to say I am a believer and religiously have a spoonful every morning). Instead, let's talk about how delicious cider vinegar is. This is the bomb! Great flavour, not too acidic and with a delicious fruitiness, it is great splashed on salad or try a few drops on grilled fish or chicken.... it really does elevate the flavour of everything you use it in!


Milk.Made. by Nick Haddow (signed copy)

$30.00 each


This book is everything I know about cheese written down! Before settling on Bruny Island, I spent years working around the world as a cheesemaker, cheesemonger, judge and educator. In 'Milk. Made.' I share my experiences of making, serving and storing cheese at home, as well as give you more than 70 of my favourite recipes that celebrate cheese in its myriad glorious forms. Accompanied by my mate and acclaimed photographer Alan Benson, we visited internationally-renowned cheesemakers in Australia, France, the UK, Switzerland and the US. At a time when real cheese everywhere is under pressure from industrialised agriculture, I hope that 'Milk.Made.' becomes your definitive guide for making wise choices about the cheese you buy and eat. I hope that it also takes you on a journey that celebrates the centuries-old traditions of cheesemaking and reveals how they are being applied in new ways today. I really hope you love it.


Olde Spikey Bridge Peanut Butter 450g

$12.00 each


Peanut butter is my weakness. I love it. So how happy do you think I am now that we can get locally made peanut butter? And it's really good! Freshly roasted and ground in Tunbridge, this is slightly chunky but not too chunky. If, like me, you don't mind a bit of peanut butter on....well, anything really, then join me in rejoicing about this one from the Olde Spikey Bridge company.


Our Boozy Marmalade 270g

$12.90 each


It's not new news to life long Cheese Clubbers, that I am slightly obsessed with marmalade! This one is a winner, a generous slug of booze to spice it up a bit! The perfect balance between bitter and sweet and the texture is not too fine, not too chunky.


Our Old Fashioned Lemon Curd 270g

$12.90 each


Everyone LOVES our lemon curd - so much so that I'm beginning to wonder if its creator, Alison, ever regrets dropping us in a jar! It is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and rich that makes this lemon curd ideal to layer your cakes, spread on your crumpets, or fill your biscuits.


Our Spiced Beer Nuts 250g

$12.00 each


What better snack to have on hand this Christmas than our delicious spiced beer nuts?

Australian peanuts are rubbed with spices and Tasman Sea Salt before being roasted in our wood fired oven. Delicious with one of our cold beers and a couple of mates.


Our Spiced Blueberries 270g

$13.90 each


I had heard about these well before I tasted them. Made for us by the very talented Alison Hookey in Middleton, these plump little blueberries are swelled with sweet, spicy liquor, and are totally addictive.


Our Spiced Cherries 270ml

$13.90 each


We would get complaint letters if we stopped making our Spiced Cherries. They are also one of our most popular products in Cellar Door. They are made from Bruny Island cherries and pickled in a sweet, spiced pinot noir vinegar. The trick is to age them – these have been laid down for a few months and are really hitting their straps right now. If you have not tried them before, you are in for a treat. Serve them with any of our cheeses for a beautiful accompaniment.


Our Spiced Peaches 270g

$13.90 each


One of our signature cheese accompaniments, these are Tasmanian grown peaches, spiced and they make a really great accompaniment to cheese, we think they're great with the funky washed rind cheeses.


Bruny Island Beer Co.

Pale Ale Lovers (8 pack) INCLUDING FREIGHT 8 * 500ml

$85.00 each


Our mixed pale eight pack is perfect for lovers of thirst-quenching yet flavoursome beers on the paler end of the spectrum. You (or the lucky recipient) will be getting two each of Farm Ale, Cloudy Bay IPA, Honey Pale Ale and Lighthouse Ale.

Australia-wide shipping is included in the price.


Pepperberry Quince paste 135g

$14.00 each


Hania who works at our Cellar Door first introduced us to this quince paste hand-made by a friend of her's Chris. It’s a lovely paste which perfectly matches our cheeses, Chris added extra spice from the Tasmanian native pepperberry for a punch of flavour at the end. We just love this quince around the festive season as it really pairs well with everything from cheese to meats and Christmas baked goods.


Phoenix Creations Hand Shaped Soul Spoon

$60.00 each


What could possible make a sweeter gift than a hard carved spoon made from Tasmanian Blackwood?

Michelle & David Rauenbusch are the couple behind Phoenix Creations in Cygnet. David hand carved a pot spoon for Michelle to make up for an argument they’d had earlier that day - hence calling them soul spoons! They are all carved by hand out of reclaimed bits of timber (blackwood in this case) - all one of a kind pieces and perfect for the person in your life that has everything.


Sticky Figs 270g

$13.90 each


We have been working on these for some time now but I was determined to get them right for Christmas. Of all of our Cheese Accompaniments, this just might be our best. Figs have that wonderful ability to be both savoury and sweet at the same time - we take moist, dried Australian figs and poach them in a dark liquor made from Madeira, brown sugar and spices. The result is something that is truly beautiful - serve with cheeses or top some good vanilla ice cream with a couple of them for a quick, but special, dessert.


Summer Berry Jam 270g

$12.00 each


This is our newest jam... Summer Berry Jam is slow cooked in small batches to retain the natural flavour, colour and texture of Tasmanian berries. You can actually see the fresh locally grown fruit when spread thickly on freshly baked sourdough, toast or hot croissants. We think we have made the perfect summer jam for you.


Tasman Salt Pepper Berry and Wakame Seaweed Salt 160g

$20.00 per pair


It's pretty amazing to think that everything in these tubes comes from Tassie! We are so lucky to have such great producers that show off what is grown in our state.

Wakame Seaweed Like a dip in the Ocean. Not my words but so true the wakame is farmed from the waters not far from Tasman Salt. Total umami bomb.

Pepper Berry The colour is incredible and flavour has a really nice depth making it great in sweet baked goods like chocolate brownie (trust me on this)


Tasman Sea Salt 250g

$13.00 each


This is the first salt to be harvested in Tasmania in over 160 years. And it's been worth the wait. The seas around Tasmania are some of the cleanest and nutrient rich waters in the world and it's this unique combination which gives these salt flakes their incredible depth of flavour. The process is simple - evaporated sea water - leaving just the flaky crystals of salt with the only byproduct being fresh water. If, like me, you love good salt, you have to give this one a go.


Tasmanian Shortbread 250g

$12.00 each


Tasmanian Shortbread made for us by the team at Range Tasmania, this really is a treat! It's a Scottish family recipe (that we've been told is top secret!) passed down through generations, made with Tasmanian butter and flour - and they are delicious! The shortbread is all made by hand in small batches, and is crying out to be matched with a good strong cuppa.


The Galley Room Letterpress Merry Cheesemas Gift Card 50g

$6.00 each


Jenny and Stu have been making these cards for us for a few years now and have finally created a business called "The Galley Room" Jenny does the illustrations, and Stu does the printing using antique letterpress machines.


Wellington Apiary - Hobart Wildflower Honey 325g

$16.00 each


Robin and Antonia O’Brien's bees make this honey with nectar gathered from Hobart's botanically diverse parks and gardens, creating a delicious combination of flavours from introduced flora such as citrus and lavender, as well as native plants such as eucalypts. This is an ideal breakfast honey, great on toast or muesli, while also having enough complexity to serve on a cheese platter.

Wellington Apiary was started on the principles of producing honey that reflects the flora of Hobart and surrounding vegetation. This philosophy has continued with all varieties of honey production. Wellington Apiary honey is not heated at any stage of extraction or bottling, ensuring all the natural goodness remains. This honey is organically produced, cold extracted and coarse filtered, allowing all the pollen, flavours and aromas to be retained – resulting in pure raw Tasmanian Honey, just as the bees made it.


Wellington Apiary Raw Honey Twin Pack 650g

$28.00 each


Wellington Apiary Stringy bark (Eucalyptus obliqua) honey is collected from lake Gordon and lake Pedder on Tasmania’s west coast. It comes from one of the tallest flowering trees in the world at up to 90 meters high. Flowering is spasmodic and rare within flowering occurring generally only every seven years.The Honey collected is dark and distinctive, it crystallises into soft creamed honey. It has strong burnt caramel and toffee flavours. The second is Robin's Hobart Wildflower. Collected from clandestine hives scattered all across Hobart, this raw honey displays all our seasonal wildflowers. It's rich and pretty. Both honeys are of outstanding quality.

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