Our Cheeses

1792 190g

$19.90 each


1792 - It was the year the French first set foot on Tasmanian soil and this very French, very pungent little cheese, matured on aromatic Huon Pine boards, celebrates what could have been. It is made in the traditional method – its pinky-orange rind the result of being regularly hand-washed in brine, encouraging the surface bacteria that give this cheese its complex flavour and aroma. Great with cider, ale or a meaty pinot.

Cows Milk, soft ...

George 200g

$17.80 each


milk: cow type: Semi-hard, natural rind. George is a semi-hard cheese that we age for 5 months until the curd is super-savoury but still pretty moist. I am loving this new cheese for its deeply satisfying flavour and texture - it is definitely one for hard cheese lovers


Hamper - Our Cheese Hamper

$80.00 each


This hamper is a bit of a classic one from us with the likes of our hard cheese George, O.D.O. a beautiful fresh cheese that we marinate in olive oil and fresh seasonal herbs. The house made condiments are a sure winner with most of us that work at the cheesery with our famous zucchini pickle and a very close second is the beetroot relish that is a perfect match to George or you can try the fruit paste with George.

George Is a classic hard cheese that pretty much gets along with everything and everyone.

O.D.O. We love this in our house crumbled over roasted veg or on top of pizza (on the island we serve it on pizza)

Zucchini Pickle We can hardly keep up with making this pickle at Cellar Door because it's just so great with everything we make.

Beetroot Relish Cheese and beetroot are a perfect marriage of flavours and the hit of spice in this relish is spot on.

Fruit Paste This paste changes with the seasons but at the moment is looking like quince and apple..yummo


O.D.O 190g

$15.90 each


It stands for One Day Old and that is exactly what it is. Great crumbled through hot pasta, melted on pizza or as an antipasto.

Cows Milk, soft ...

Oen 200g

$19.90 each


OEN (from the word oenology) is a true labour of love - a washed-rind, cow’s milk cheese, washed in Pinot Noir before being wrapped in vine leaves to be carefully matured. The vine leaves protect the cheese and create a moist surface which encourages the flavour development. When mature, OEN’s rind becomes pungent and the texture becomes soft and fudgey.

Cows Milk, soft ...

Otto 155g

$17.90 each


This cheese celebrates two of Italy’s most ancient of gastronomic cornerstones – cheese and cured pork. It is a simple fresh cheese wrapped in locally made Prosciutto. After baking in a hot oven for 15 minutes, serve with some good bread, a simple salad and a glass of wine. Really, when you think about it, could there be anything better than hot, crispy prosciutto and gooey, melted cheese? No, there couldn't.

Cows Milk, fresh ...

Raw Milk C2 200g

$21.80 each


We recently won a Delicious Magazine award for this cheese - and it's one that we are particularly proud of. This was the first Raw Milk cheese made in Australia. It is a cooked curd cheese. Sweet, savoury, intense. Raw milk C2 has incredible depth and length.

Cows Milk, Hard ...

Saint 200g

$18.90 each


In the central plateau of France there are a number of cheeses that are all named after the local Saints. Like our Saint, they are all surface ripened, soft oozy cheeses with a light bloom on the rind – not a thick carpet of single strain white mould found on more commercial cheeses. This cheese can be eaten younger, when the inside is still firm and the flavour more delicate, or wait until the curd breaks down completely and the flavour gets more pungent.

Cows Milk, soft, White Mould ...

Bruny Island Cheese Co.

The Bastard 200g

$21.80 each


When nineteenth century English poet Robert William Service asked “What care I who your father was (T’was better no to know)” he was probably not talking about cheese - although he did spend his youth working as a “cow juice jerker”. Our Bastard also has slightly dubious parentage—made from a mixture of cow’s & sheep’s milk left over from our other cheeses. This sort of thing was done all the time in the old world—most cheesemakers had a couple of cow’s, a few sheep and half dozen goats so all the milk was thrown in together. The result is a deliciously coloured cheese, a pastel shade of yellow. The flavour is wonderful, robust from the cow's milk, delicate from the sheep’s milk. A great wine cheese.

Cows Milk, Goats Milk, Hard ...

Made by Bruny Island Cheese Co.

Bruny Island Cheese Company is an artisan cheese maker in southern Tasmania, owned and operated by Nick Haddow. Our cheeses are all made and matured using traditional techniques and are some of the finest artisan cheeses made in Australia.

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Location & Contact

1807 Main Road, Great Bay, Bruny Island
Tasmania, Australia • 7150

03 6260 6353 | cheese@brunyislandcheese.com.au

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Cheese Club Offers

Are you one of the hundreds of people who have told us they want to be able to get our cheese delivered to their home? Are you unable to get to our Cheesery on Bruny Island as often as you would like? Are you tired of paying top dollar for disappointing cheese that is past its prime? Do you want a long, pleasurable education in cheese that you can enjoy with your friends and family? Yes? Then our Bruny Island Cheese Club is for you!

how does it work?

Our offers are sent out eight times a year and comprise a selection of our cheeses in peak condition which have been chosen for their seasonal quality and interest. There is no obligation to take up each Offer. Each Offer will comprise a selection of four of our cheeses and an accompaniment - enough for a household to share and enjoy for a couple of weeks. Most Offers will include at least one cheese which has been made and matured especially for our Cheese Club members and will not be available anywhere else.

Members are able to order as many of each Offer as they would like and even have them sent to friends and family around Australia as a gift. Once we receive your order, we then send the cheese to you on a pre-advised day by overnight courier (although a few areas may require a two day service), packed in a specially designed cool-box with information sheets about the cheese and how to use, store and enjoy the cheeses.