Our Beautiful Mustards

Our Dijon Mustard 110g

$9.90 each


Lovely, flavoursome and the perfect balance between heat and sweet. This is a great all-rounder mustard for those who are looking for good flavour without much heat.

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Our Horseradish Mustard 110g

$9.90 each


Whenever we release some of our farm-raised beef, we immediately get asked for our Horseradish Mustard - they are the perfect partners. Over the past few years I have become something of a mustard snob – this has much to do with my mate Ross who used to make me some amazing mustard before he moved interstate. This mustard has the nasal-clearing qualities of horseradish with the complex flavour of yellow mustard. Great with just about all red meats and sausages…this is a must add (sorry).


Our Pepper Berry Mustard 110g

$9.90 each


My grandfather is responsible for my love of mustard. As a young boy he used to measure my manliness by testing my tolerance to his homemade pub mustard. He had it with everything – but the thing that sticks in my mind are his ham and mustard sandwiches made with door stops of soft white bread. This is a tribute to him as I reckon it would have brought a small tear even to his eye. There is a bit of heat from the finely ground yellow mustard but the real punch comes afterwards from the piquant Tasmanian Pepper Berries that flavour it.


Our Pub Mustard 110g

$9.90 each


Homemade pub style mustard to use on everything. This little fella has been made with a little of our Farm Ale and a lot of love, it has depth of flavour and just a little heat, perfect for ham, to rub on a lamb and roast, and heaven with rare roast beef! This your new everyday mustard.

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Our Wasabi Mustard 110g

$9.90 each


This one packs a bit of a punch. Local Tasmanian wasabi is dried and ground before being stirred through a fine yellow mustard. Perfect for red meats and game.

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