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Our online shop is not only a great way to buy our cheeses but there is also a selection of the best things from our Cellar Door. Browse the store, place your order and we will pack it up and send it you in a chilled box, anywhere in Australia.

If you are looking for a more meaningful relationship with us, maybe you should join the Cheese Club. Through the Cheese Club we will send you regular Offer. Each Offer comprises a set selection of our cheeses and a range of optional Tasmanian artisan produce. The Cheese Club has thousands of members all over Australia and I would love you to join them.

If you need a hand or have a question, please give us a call on 03 6260 6353 or contact us.

All the best,
Nick & the team

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1807 Main Road, Great Bay, Bruny Island
Tasmania, Australia • 7150

03 6260 6353 | cheese@brunyislandcheese.com.au

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